Tore Arnfinn Ødegård

Tore has a Law Degree from University of Oslo and was for several years examiner for designs and trademarks in the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). From 1994 – 2010 he was a designs and trademark attorney in a Oslo based patent bureau. Joined Apace IP AS in 2011 as Attorney at Law and partner.

Tore joined Apace IP AS – formerly Hynell AS – in 2011, working as a trademark and design attorney in the area of intellectual property rights. He also assists his clients with dispute resolution and litigation, as well as matters relating to corporation and marketing law.

Tore obtained his Law Degree (Cand. Jur.) from the University of Oslo in 1987, with US contracts and torts law from University of North Dakota as his area of specialization.

In 1987 Tore started working as an examiner at the Trademark and Design Department of Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO). During this time, he was also engaged in international work with WIPO. Assistant Magistrate and Barristers Associate 1990 – 1991. Admitted to the bar in 1992. Heading the Design Division in the Norwegian Patent Office 1993 – 1994. Joined Apace IP AS in 2011, after more than 16 years as Attorney at Law and managing partner of the trademark and design department of J.K. Thorsens Patentbureau A/S in Oslo.

Member of the Norwegian Bar Association. Member of the As­sociation of Norwegian Patent Agents and FICPI since 1997. Also member of NIR, AIPPI, LES and INTA.